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June 16, 2007

VIP’s Review about Sivaji The Boss

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June 15, 2007

Sultan the Warrior AD in Sivaji Movie

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Sultan the warrior - 3D Annimation Movie
Oscar Studio owned by Soundarya Rajinikanth along with Pooja Shetty, AD Labs is about to release a full-length annimation movie called “sultan the warrior” and this will feature our thalaivar. ARR does the music for this 3D Annimation movie and the music should hit the store very soon.

The first look of this film was released in most of the theators before playing the title of the Sivaji the Boss. The AD was terrific and the crowd went crazy by looking at it!!! It was a big surprise for all of them!

know more about Sultan the Warrior

Thalaivar’s Interview for NDTV & TIMES NOW

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Sivaji the boss - BIG-BANG-HIT!!!

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this movie will break all records for sure!!!

Our efforts has not gone for a waste!!! Believe me, this movie will definetly create a history. Thaalivaa, thank you so much!!! Nee mattumthan endrendrunm super star!!!

Just now returing from the sivaji the boss special show! Couldn’t even realise how the three hours passed by. Awesome movie and definetly yes! Shankar was true! the story has a message in it and I am sure this will reach every one just because super star has acted in it. I am sure the message will be threating for the dark side of the rich people and the goverment. Thalaivar acting is tempting and it will make you react in the real life at some situation!

Thalaivars acting was excellent and I am sure this movie will be one of the best in his carreer. This movie will definetly be a big treat for all thalaivar’s fans. Thalaivar’s mass, style, punch, fight, romance, comedy and emotions were all given equal importance and you will never forget this movie in your life time like batsha! This movie is like 10 times of Chandramukhi!!! You will know this when you see the movie in the big screen!!!

We should thank the entire Sivaji Team for giving us such a best movie and this movie is going to bring good name for the whole tamil cinema industry! Individually every department have show their talent, quality and class in this movie.

From the commercial point of view – NO QUESTIONS! this movie will break all records for sure and AVM can mint money with this! This movie will easily break Chandramukhi’s record.

Story line – I will not break your suspense! Read this - The movie starts from the jail scene and then the whole flash back! Sivaji the boss story is Black Money and Wrecking the Rich people and winning ove the black money! Rajin is not playing a double role but, there is a big twist in the climax of the movie. This is not a movie where the first half is just romance and comedy and in the climax with fight scenes. Definetly not!!! You will like the first half and the second half equally. From the begning till the end this movie, you be on your seat edges!! BOOS!!! Peera Kettala Summa Athirum!

I don’t see any big surprises in the movie like how it was anticipated earlier but, there is something which is very interesting about “Orukudai Sun Light” song which will give a wow factor! Shriya, Suman and Vivek are the other pillars of this movie. Suman’s acting was extrordinary and he suited this role very well. Vivek has shown his strength in this movie and proved his standards. Shriya, the slim, sweet, icee, sexy women adds the extra color to the screen. Nayanthara dance was also imppresive and you will like it.


June 14, 2007

Sivaji First reactions– from a fan

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I received the following mail from one my friend…I am very happy to hear this news!!! Congtrats to Superstar ,Director Shankar and whole team of Shivaji

Sivaji released in ABu Dhabiiiiiiiiiiiiii……… Movie massive
hit!!!!!!!!!!—————-> first reactions from a fan !!!

Posted At: Thursday, June 14, 2007 9:19 AM
Conversation: Sivaji First reactions– from a fan

Hurray Hurray …….. sivaji super hit….promise
hi frnds this is ***** ……i m a big rajni fan………i stay in abudhabi
…….i feel i m the 1st to say sivaji talk,…..movie is awesome……i
saw the movie…….excellent movie…..dead shot hit………the 1st one
hour of the muve is slow …..interval bang is awesome which is a big treat
for rajni fans ….interval block (peeri shona vundane summa
adaradhilla)……plz plz fans dont get disapponted after watchin 1st one
hour………2 nd half full ultimate……climax 30min is the highlite where
the movie goes to a high peak…..there is a big twist in climax…..i dont
want to reveal……..plzz ….movie is 100 times better than CM
commercially…;……..interval block resembles similar to TAGORE
(chiranjeevi’s muvie)……….SUPERSTAR comes with an industry hit after 3
years………last but not the least……movie is all abt an NRI who
teaches a lesson for all who dont pay tax …….THE MAIN PART OF THE MUVIE
tat i m the 1st to reveal the talk…….super star zindabad



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